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Vietnamese Girls For Marriage: Can You Buy A Vietnamese Wife?

Are you a dedicated fan of Asian women’s beauty? The chances that most men consider themselves that. Yet, when it comes to telling Thailand mail order brides from those of Vietnamese mail order brides, the actual differences may arise. Suppose you think that unique physical features are the only distinguishing factors. In that case, you should pay a lot more attention to cultural ones, especially when Vietnamese ladies for marriage are your final goal.

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How can you impress mail order brides from Vietnam?

At times, it’s utterly easy to assume that to buy a Vietnamese wife, you need your status and financial stability. However, Vietnamese girls are not that simple and corrupted yet. There are high moral characteristics they still value in a man.

Good education

find a Vietnamese wife

If you mean to find a Vietnamese wife by waving your diploma in front of her, the chances to succeed slim down with every gesture. Instead, your education should project itself through your deeds, attitude, and treatment. For the longest while, the freedom of these women was under question. Finally, the modern trends have caught up with their society, at least partially.

Adventurous spirit

You can’t merely buy a Vietnamese bride without impressing her. Showering her with a gift is a pleasant act, but not a decision-making one. These ladies value adventures and experience above all. They’ve been prisoners of their location throughout most of their lives. Thus taking her on a trip to someplace new will earn you brownie points, even if you take her from the rural area to the city, she hasn’t been before.

Impressive creativity

Vietnamese brides for American men are an exotic attraction. There’s no use denying it. Yet, with every foreigner, the locals are getting used to the usual wine-and-dine approach of Western men. So, showing off your creativity will not only impress a potential Vietnamese woman for marriage, but may even open her heart for you once and for all.

How to win over mail order Vietnamese brides?

As the mail order bride catalog grows bigger with exotic ladies from Asia and other parts of the world, you need to realize that the same approach can’t be applied to all. There are centuries of habits and traditions that weigh over the perception of a husband to give the heart to.

Confidence is the key

You can find a gorgeous Vietnamese wife for sale with ease these days. All because they’ve learned about a better life that a foreigner promises. Yet, waving the possibilities in their face isn’t the best route to the heart of any woman. You should better indicate the confidence present in you rather than glow with arrogance. These women aren’t slaves and shouldn’t be approached like ones, no matter what the media says. They’re willing to become submissive yet partners to be reckoned with.

Flirting is vital

Vietnamese girls for marriage can’t be easily conquered, yet they can be seduced. No matter how handsome and self-confident you are, you need to learn how to make a woman feel desired and divinely beautiful. Small gestures, proper words, and soothing touches matter. Being protective rather than frivolous will get you right where you’re headed.

Physical form matters

Just as you’re drawn to the exotic looks of Vietnamese brides, so they’re attracted to men who know how to stay in shape. You don’t have to be a muscle mountain and can carry a bit extra weight, but don’t push it over the edge. Besides, there’s nothing other than an active lifestyle of adventurous Vietnamese brides for sale that couldn’t change.

Vietnamese girls for sale: is there a price tag?

Vietnamese girls for sale

Vietnamese women for sale—could there be any more stereotypical cliché? Just as in the case of Japanese mail order brides or any local lady you’re trying to woo, there’s a fair share of means to be spent. However, unless you’re willing to spend a couple of months in Vietnam, you should reserve to dating services to meet your one and only exotic love.

Online dating expenses

Some dating sites are free so that you don’t need to spend a penny. Yet, the chances of getting scammed are multiplied. At the same time, with a dating agency at hand, you can count on spending $100–$200 per month if the budget is incredibly strict. In case you’re willing to bring online communication to the level of offline dating, with pleasant gifts involved, then $400 would be the average cost. However, depending upon your bond and preferences, the price can go over the stated amount.

Traveling expenses

Once you’re set on visiting the love of your life, you should be willing to spend around $2,500-$3,500 on the journey. Some countries, like the USA, don’t need a visa for traveling, while others may. The plane ticket to Vietnam can cost around $800-$1,000 for an American.

The food and accommodation, along with some attractions, will cost you at least half of the planned budget. But, of course, the price can go up depending upon your needs and preferences, let alone the time you’re planning on spending with the Vietnamese lady.

Wedding expenses

Vietnamese brides in the USA and the whole trip would cost you significantly less than planning a wedding in Vietnam. A 40-people wedding reception starts at $8,500, while a K-1 Visa costs around $250. The flight tickets, along with general relocation, may take around $1,000-$5,000.


There’s a reason why men from the Western world are obsessed with Vietnamese women. The traditions and attitudes that modern emancipation brought to ruin are still thriving in Asian countries. It may shake your financial stability a little—to marry a foreign woman, but the perks you gain will pay off shortly, and in ways you couldn’t have counted on!

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