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Gorgeous Bulgaria Mail Order Brides: Meet Energetic Bulgarian Women Online

Have you heard about the country of contrasts? Surely, many locations can hold the title, but it belongs to Bulgaria from day 1. The fantastic country, which is part of the Balkans, is recognized because of Banitsa (traditional pastry dish) and Pravo horo (traditional dance). Still, Bulgarian brides are the main attraction, and the list of reasons is almost never-ending.

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Why are Bulgarian mail order brides so beautiful?

The era of internet order brides ensured that everyone is fully aware of the ethereal and mesmerizing beauty of Bulgarian women. However, not all of you may be able to decipher the genetic code behind such outstanding beauty. Yet, all it takes is a little history journey to have your questions answered.

The name of the country derives from the Turkish language and actually means ‘to combine’. Just like most Slavic countries, Bulgaria was conquered and invaded a lot during the past centuries. Thus, the Slavs that were initially residing in the area mixed genes with the potential invaders—love knows no boundaries—and the result is the breath-taking beauty of the Bulgarians. You can come across women of all complexions, hair colors, and eye shades. At times, the characteristics that don’t usually come together can be found in Bulgaria, think raven-black locks paired with crystal blue eyes. Who wouldn’t have fallen for such an inspiring beauty?

Bulgarian women for marriage: what are they?

Bulgarian women for marriage

The otherworldly appearance isn’t the only trait to pay attention to when you’re interested in tying the knot with a Bulgarian mail order bride. In addition, there are personal characteristics dictated by the upbringing and cultural background, which you should be ready to welcome.

Constant surprises

The minute you meet Bulgarian women, you’ll realize that these ladies are truly the mystery you won’t be able to solve till the end of the days. The fact is that Bulgarians believe as long as surprise and spontaneity are present in your relationship, you won’t lose interest in one another. The lasting and happy marriage statistics seem to prove the point.

Immense will power

Women in Bulgaria aren’t repressed or lack male attention. Yet, you shouldn’t count on your wife whining over the slightest inconvenience. These ladies are used to dealing with the toughest of situations with as little as a hint of discomfort. However, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t want you to take care of the upcoming troubles. The thing is—she wouldn’t be likely to beg. You’ll have to learn to read her with no manual at hand.

Never-ending energy

Unlike German mail order brides, girls from Bulgaria can be loud at times. They’re incredibly active and energetic. Going out, taking up sports and dancing, dancing, dancing. One would say that it’s the gypsy blood speaking, but it’s just the positive nature, optimism, and energy that keep those women going.

Bulgarian girls for marriage: cultural peculiarities

It’s easy to spot Bulgarian brides online, since they’re entirely different from what the Western world has to offer. Yet, the peculiarities may play a dark trick on you if you don’t prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Folklore and superstition

Do you want to ensure that no evil spirits are taking hold of you? It’s time to take a shot of rakia and start your walk through the burning coals. Sounds pagan and barbaric? Well, that’s what Bulgarians are all about. The myth meets reality and intertwines with it in ways it’s hard to imagine.

The dark side of red wine

Bulgaria single ladies

When asking Bulgaria single ladies out, make sure that you offer them some red wine when the month name contains the letter ‘r’. So, the summertime is all about white wine only, and surely something stronger.

The confusing power of gestures

It’s customary to shake your head when you don’t agree with something and to nod when you agree. However, Bulgaria is utterly different in that respect. If the woman you’re out with is vigorously nodding her head, don’t rush to be pleased with yourself, she doesn’t approve of the suggestion, and the sooner you correct yourself, the better.

In-laws etiquette

When considering a Bulgaria girl for marriage, you need to realize that family values are extremely vital in all Slavic countries. Thus, you need to make a good impression on the family. There are basic tips to keep in mind when heading for the first family gathering:

  • Work on your manners
  • Bring a couple of meaningful presents for the parents
  • Tell a little about yourself, but avoid showing off
  • Discuss the future with your lady in front of the relatives to prove the seriousness of your intentions


As you can see, buying a Russian wife differs from the way you would win over a Bulgarian one. Even though two cultures seem related to a single Slavic tradition, there are too many differences to consider. Yet, in either case, the effort put in would be worth the prize. The only challenge is to pick the type of wife you think is missing from your life, and the personal characteristics of Bulgarian brides can lead you in the right direction.

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