Cuban Mail Order Brides: Facts That Will Change Your Mind
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Cuban Mail Order Brides: Facts That Will Change Your Mind

Cuba is a mysterious country, which beckons with its hot climate, unusual landscapes, freedom, and local beauties. Cuban women for marriage with snow-white skin, spunky mulatto, and seductive dark-skinned girls—they’re all welcome to everyone. If you’re going to Liberty Island to meet a Cuban bride, you should know the whole truth about her!

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Are Cuban brides as liberated as they say?

Many Americans are sure that they’ll find crowds of naked girls waiting for them in Cuba. On the one hand, their expectations will be justified, as local beauties wear minimum clothing. On the other hand, don’t expect that the first lady you meet will agree to seclude herself at once.

You may meet naked Cuban girls only on nude beaches, which are equipped with all the rules. No one promises any vulgarity and debauchery. Due to such misconceptions, men behave rudely and lewdly with the local girls. Cuban women don’t deserve to be treated like that. Any Cuban girl should be treated with attention and care, and thus, your chances to find your perfect mail order bride will increase dramatically.

Cuban Mail Order Brides

Facts about Cuban women for marriage

Cubans have a low income per year—from $2,000 to $10,000, but the local girls do their best to stay attractive to men.


The Cubans don’t overuse cosmetics. The standard kit is an eye pencil and lipstick. Rarely, they use mascara, as it smears in the sun. At discos, you can meet girls with false eyelashes and rhinestones scattering on faces and decollete.


In any beauty salon, you won’t come across a plasma flat-screen broadcasting Victoria’s Secret show. And Cuban mail order brides, cut off from the world, are still guided by the proverb, “There’s a lid for every pot.” So whatever your natural appearance—slim, plump, short, tall, white or black, brunette or blonde—there’s sure to be someone who’ll be attracted to any lady’s type.


Every item of clothing in a Cuban woman’s closet has one purpose—to catch men’s attention. Therefore, bright, short, tight dresses, lace, and translucent fabrics are welcome. But everything changes when a Cuban woman goes from “in active search” to “in a relationship” status. Cuban men don’t like their wives to be looked at by others.


Cuban mail brides love to wear everything they have at once—hanging a few necklaces, earrings, rings, draping a scarf on top, and putting a flower in their hair.

Cuban Mail Order Brides


In Cuba, age doesn’t matter. A Cuban woman can become a mother and a homemaker by 16 or have love affairs with her male neighbors at 70. An average Cuban woman at any age has that interest in life that fades imperceptibly at 25 years old among the majority of European women.

Behavior pattern

The main difference between Cubans and Colombian women for marriage is that Cuban women know how to flirt. The Cuban ladies dating thing, contrary to stereotypes about hot islanders, doesn’t end in bed. Regular Cuban ladies have the same courtship period, as many American or European girls do—a few dates, cafes, talking about life, etc. After a while, there’s dancing, hugs, kisses, and compliments.

Tips on wooing a Cuban beauty

You’re together, and everything is good. Great, but that’s no reason to relax at all. You have to court a Cuban mail order bride in the first stage and all the other steps. How? Like this:

Stay a gentleman

It’s the little things like giving her a hand, holding the door, and the rest of the list of standard etiquette. These things require a minimum of effort from you but will make her happy.

Be thoughtful

Don’t forget to take an interest in how her day was and what’s new at work. The fact that you care is one of the main proofs of love and that she’s dating the right person.

Cuban beauty

Show how important she’s to you

At some point in the relationship, you should introduce the girl to your family and friends and get to know the people close to her. This way, you’ll show that she’s a significant part of your life.

Give her gifts

Without any occasion. For example, her favorite candy, some cute accessory, or a stationery item that made you think of her. You don’t have to give her a present every day, but sometimes it’ll be a good tradition.

Respect your bride

Yes, that’s truly crucial. The words of encouragement and the fact you value your beloved one’s opinion matter for women, whatever you’re tying your fate with American women, Slavic girlfriends, beautiful Venezuelan brides, or Asian ones.

Bottom line

Charming and seductive Cuban girls are the embodiment of freedom. Watching them is always a pleasure, and their hot dances lift the spirits at any time of the year. If you are fascinated by Cuban beauties, meet Cuban ladies right now on trustworthy mail order brides dating platforms!

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