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Exotic Dominican Brides: How To Win Over Dominican Republic Wives?

The sunny Caribbean is the place that looks like a true paradise after a crowded and busy Megapolis. However, the endless beaches and never-stopping partying aren’t the only things that attract tourists from all over the globe into the country. Gorgeous Dominican women are. The divine and exclusively exotic beauty couldn’t have left anyone indifferent, especially with the real mail order brides trend at its fullest.

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What are Dominican brides like?

To put it simply, they’re hot, open-minded, and godlike beautiful. The historical conquests and intermixtures of different nationalities ensured that each and every woman from the Dominican Republic is unique and mind-blowingly fabulous. These features may be enough for you to drool over a Dominican mail order wife, but they aren’t as easy as you think they’d be!

Dominican mail order brides: what do they like?

Dominican mail order brides

Before you decide to meet Dominican women, you need to figure out whether you’re able to give them what they want. Some may say that money can change all, but not in the Dominican Republic, at least not with the girls who are genuine in their search for soulmates.

Great appearance

You may not look like one of the Greek gods, and that would serve you differently with Venezuelan mail order brides. However, Dominican ladies prefer stylish and neat men to those who are model-like handsome and incredibly self-centered. Wearing yesterday’s shirt and forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning is one of the greatest turn-offs for these women. They’re incredibly attentive to their appearance, and thus, an uncombed man won’t fit the bill.

Moderate generosity

The Dominican Republic mail order brides expect you to spoil them, and that’s obvious. For years, their local men took advantage of them and used them primarily as sexual objects. Times have changed, and now the ladies care for the appreciation they truly deserve. However, you should be constantly aware of potential gold-diggers coming your way. Thus, if she asks too much of you, that should ring an alarm. An average Dominican woman genuinely interested in you won’t be pressing, rather expecting.

Great cooking skills

One of the surest and shortest ways to charm almost any modern Dominican Republic wives would be through your cooking skills. If your chef abilities lack some practice, you should better work on it before you pay your love a visit. The art of “platanos” hasn’t failed a man seeking a Dominican woman yet. They love a man who can appreciate a good mangu, or mofongo, let alone the one who knows how to treat a woman with a delicious dish.

Marrying a Dominican woman: what to expect?

Marrying a Dominican woman

The minute you meet Dominican ladies, you’ll realize that there’s more than sassy looks to the woman.


There’s a level of politeness that Dominican culture is willing to tolerate, yet, it’s significantly lower than Western people are used to. Forget about mild or serious pretenses that would pass with any other woman. These women have a nose for lies, and they won’t keep the discoveries to themselves. When you’re looking for as much as just a casual hook-up, stating it plainly may get you to the point, but lying about a mutual relationship and happy marriage will only gain you a bad rep.


Who wouldn’t want Dominican ladies for marriage? The question isn’t difficult to answer. Thus, if you like a girl, you should be open about it straight away. There are many willing suitors to steal your prize, and most Dominican women aren’t that patient.


The same as with your cooking skills, you should polish your dancing capability too. The Dominican Republic is a country of festivities, music, and dancing. If there’s anything that the Dominican care about more than their looks, it’d be the dancing. That’s why learning Merengue, the famous Dominican dance, is one of the first things to do before planning your visit to the island.

How to woo Dominican women ready for marriage?

Some may say that Dominican women are the same as Colombian ladies for marriage—submissive and family-oriented. However, Dominican girls have something they call an iron will. Thus, it takes more to prove to her that she should pick you and not the other guy. There are a few tips that may assist you with the goal:

  • Don’t treat her as the weak link of the union. She’s a woman who may be willing to let you lead, but that’s the sign of trust and wisdom rather than of weakness and submissiveness.
  • Don’t underestimate her sexual needs and desires. These women’s hot bodies are created for shared intimacy, but you should remember that two parties take part in the act. Once one party is dissatisfied, the union will end.
  • Don’t argue about sports with her. Taking her to a boxing competition or a baseball game, especially of national importance, will earn you more than a grateful smile.


It’s not a secret that women in the Dominicans are hot for foreigners, and you should make use of it while you can. However, once you manage to charm that gorgeous and utterly feminine lady, you’ll be amazed at how much more comes in a package!

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