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Genuine Serbian Girls For Marriage: How To Impress A Serbian wife

Among all the Slavic countries, Serbia remained in the shadows for the longest while. However, when anyone asks for a reputable mail order bride, the country comes up almost immediately. If you think about it, there’s no wonder why, since Slavic women are known for their divine beauty, loving hearts, and family devotion that borders on pleasant obsession. But, what are Serbian mail order brides actually like? Would such a lady make a great wife for a Western man? Time to learn the truth!

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General characteristics of a Serbian mail order bride

Saying that these women are attractive would be no more than stating the obvious. However, when compared to mail order brides from Ukraine Serbians are usually slimmer and paler, think Snow White beauty instead of all else. The lean figures don’t interfere with enhanced femininity, and the innate modesty makes the mix almost irresistible.

For the most part, Serbian girls are ready for marriage the moment they reach their 20s. The Soviet Union’s upbringing and strict traditions still have their toll on the way modern Serbian girls act. Although that’s not a bad trait, universal values are something that the current society is missing.

Serbian mail order bride

Serbian brides: extraordinary features to consider

Despite the old-school traditions, there’s the cultural background that makes these ladies who they are. While the differences may be overwhelming, there’s rarely anyone to claim them impractical.


Marrying a Serbian woman would mean that you find yourself a life partner who will respect you, no matter what. It doesn’t mean that the girl will agree with everything you say, but she’s taught to accept other’s opinions. The respect for the elders is slightly different from what the Western society is used to since it borders with worshiping.


Whenever you marry a woman from a different country, the effect of the relocation has its negative toll on almost anyone. However, a Serbian wife is incredibly adaptable to virtually any condition. They believe that as long as their loved ones are at their sides, they can tolerate and conquer almost anything.


It often seems that there’s barely anything that can surprise you anymore. With Serbians, it’s entirely different. Anything new, they view as something exciting and worth appreciation. Such an approach ensures their positive attitude to life. When your partner is happy, the chances that you’ll feel the same are higher than average.

How do you allure Serbian girls for marriage?

International marriages aren’t new in Serbia. Thus, they tend to be utterly accepting of foreigners pursuing them. Yet, to marry a Serbian woman, you need to try to win her over first. There are some general behavior tips to keep in mind:

  • Take her out, dancing would be a perfect choice
  • Don’t drag her around some shady places
  • Get ready to taste harsh alcohol
  • Be a genuine gentleman and look presentable
  • Show your determination and masculinity
  • State your intentions directly, don’t try to play games

Serbian women for marriage and their sense of humor

Serbian women for marriage

When you’re ready to woo your lady, she may be willing to play some tricks on you. She won’t confuse you about how she feels, but a dark sense of humor is almost a cultural peculiarity in the country. Making entirely inappropriate jokes is in their blood, so you should better brace yourself.

The importance of Serbian eye contact

Not everyone knows that the word ‘vampire’ is of Serb origin. While this piece of information may seem insignificant when it comes to marrying a Serbian woman, you should remember how superstitious they are. When you fail to look these people directly in the eye while conversing with them, it means that you wish them ill. In case you have challenges with direct contact, then you may as well consider Czechoslovakian brides instead.

Black coffee regimen

Since there’s a fair share of Turkish genes present, so Serbs’ dedication to black coffee borders with obsession. Having a cup of hot liquid three times a day is normal. Even if you’re not a coffee addict, you can’t refuse the offer, or it’ll be considered an insult.


As you can see, Serbian women are incredibly peculiar and authentic. Their slim bodies and captivating minds can easily win over any man. However, their dedication to the relationship, along with never-ending respect, will ensure that your bond gets stronger with each day. You may sacrifice a bit of yourself drinking tons of coffee and strong spirits while visiting the in-laws, but the treasure of a wife you get will pay off all the inconveniences!

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